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A girl | 16 years old | Vietnamese

This tumblr mainly about Boyfriend's Youngmin - my precious boy xD~

Welcome to my world :)

Makwangboi: 2013.01.14 [From Donghyun] Come on in Bestfriends~~^^



Before 600th days is over.. to our Bestfriends..

We’ve been pretty busy lately so I’ve only been reading the forums (and not leaving any posts) so I’m sorry

I would like to reply to some comments as well as have a chat with you guys but ㅜㅠy’all understand right??

Actually, I was…

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[VID] 131011 Hello Baby Season 7 w/ BOYFRIEND Ep.2 1/4

2/4 3/4 4/4

cr. nezuminie & LoverBoyfriend

Youngmin in 아이야

9/100 gifs of Youngmin♡
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보이프렌드 (BOYFRIEND) - 아이야 (I YAH) MV HD (by starshipTV)

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